「Here is a place we can be honest」

An era where we can connect with people at any time.
An era where we should be able to feel free to exchange words.
In this world which changes and flows rapidly, can you really express what you want to express?
Live in the chaotic present
“People who can’t be honest”
I embrace you gently.
I encourage and support you.
The muse of emotional pop opens your heart.

Kyoko Tsuge

Born May 29, 1987, in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture
Kyoko learned classical piano from 3 to 12 years old.
She watched Lauryn Hill in a commercial when she was in elementary school, Kyoko was fascinated her, and began to listen to various Western music.
She started composing songs at the age of 16.
She gradually wanted to be a cool artist who could move people emotionally, and after graduating from high school, Kyoko went to a music vocational school in Nagoya.
Studied band ensembles, composition theory, gospel and Western music, and after graduating she started being as a singer-songwriter in earnest.
Kyoko traveled alone to London in June 2011 to relearn the roots of people and things that have shaped her senses.
While studying English at a language school, she performed live at local pubs, live houses and charity events, and her limited 100 CDs were sold out.
After returned to Japan, Kyoko performed many cafe lives energetically and released the 1st mini album “Gokan(Five Senses)” on February 5, 2016. She held a mini album release live concert “The first Journey” on the same day, which was a great success.
On December 23, 2017, Kyoko performed as a solo artist at the SakaeChika Christmas Concert, where Chikuzen Sato , Mieko Sato of former SKE48 performed at the same event, and Kyoko also made Nagoya Sakae’s Christmas event a big success.
On April 11, 2018, her 2nd single “Usubeni wo dakishimete (Embrace the blossom)” was released for distribution only. She catched the ears and hearts of many listeners and musicians.
On May 20, 2020, her 3rd single “Dear Lady” will be released for distribution only.
She gained the support of many women living now.
As of 2022, Kyoko is energetically active mainly singing with playing the piano to convey the wonderfulness of live sound and live performance.
『I want to be close to your hearts and gently support you』
I sing and play with such feelings.